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Why Ashirvad?

Advanced Bio Media Technology and Compact Design

Utilizing cutting-edge bio media technology, Ashirvad's compact sewage treatment plants occupy 30-40% less space, making them ideal for smaller capacities. The innovative design ensures efficient sewage processing with minimal sludge production.

Fully Automated Operations with IoT Integration

Its operations are completely automated, leveraging IoT and cloud platforms for real-time monitoring. This integration ensures seamless management and consistent high-quality treated water, complying with the latest PCB norms.

High-Quality Treated Water and Minimal Sludge

Integrated membrane filtration technology in our models eliminates the need for additional filtration, producing consistent high-quality water suitable for reuse in applications like gardening and toilet flushing. Minimal sludge production enhances operational efficiency.

Cost-Effective and Environmentally Friendly

By reducing product lifecycle costs by 30-40%, Ashirvad STP offers a cost-effective wastewater treatment solution. Its compact design, automated operations, and advanced filtration contribute to sustainable and efficient sewage and water treatment.


Ashirvad Sewage Treatment Plant is ideal for a wide range of industries, including automobile, brewery, cement, fertilizer, food processing, pharmaceuticals, power, pulp & paper, refineries, steel, and textile.

Ashirvad Sewage Treatment Plant features fully automated operations integrated with IoT and cloud platforms, allowing for real-time monitoring and seamless management. This automation ensures consistent high-quality treated water and compliance with the latest PCB norms.

No, Ashirvad Sewage Treatment Plant’s hybrid technology model includes integrated membrane filtration technology that eliminates the need for additional filtration. This makes the treated water suitable for reuse in applications like gardening and toilet flushing.

Our compact design utilizes 30-40% less space compared to traditional sewage treatment plants, making it an efficient solution for locations with limited space.

Ashirvad Sewage Treatment Plant can reduce product lifecycle costs by 30-40% through its efficient design, minimal sludge production, and fully automated operations, making it a cost-effective wastewater treatment solution.

Yes, our STP complies with the latest PCB (Pollution Control Board) norms, ensuring environmentally friendly and sustainable wastewater treatment.

Fully automated system and integrated membrane filtration technology of our STP require minimal maintenance. The IoT and cloud platform integration further simplifies monitoring and management.

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