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Design and Specifications/ USP


Free from Toxins, Odours and Tastes

Ashirvad Agri pipes are made from the highest industry-grade uPVC plastic that ensures safe and reliable conveyance of potable water supply. Our Agri pipes and fittings are non-toxic, odourless, and tasteless.


Cost-Effective and Easy to Install

Ashirvad Agri pipes and fittings are light-weight and easy to install since they require no special tools for cutting and are installed with solvent Cement. They save on material, labour as well as transportation costs that affect the viability of a project.


Maintenance - Free

Ashirvad Agri pipes and fittings do not rust, pit, scale, corrode or promote build-up on the system interior. Our pipes and fittings are highly resilient, tough, and durable with a high tensile and high-impact strength. They withstand high pressure for long periods and hence have a long life term.


Good Chemical Resistance

Ashirvad Agri pipes and fittings are inert to attack by a wide variety of strong acids, alkalis, salt solutions, alcohols, and many other chemicals. They neither react with materials carried nor act as a catalyst to chemical reactions.

Why Ashirvad Agri Pipes?

Ashirvad high-quality irrigation pipes and fittings for farms

Good Corrosion Resistance

Ashirvad Agri pipes and fittings resist industrial fumes, humidity, salt water, weather, atmospheric, or underground conditions-regardless of soil type or moisture. These pipes are highly resilient to long-term punishing weather conditions as well as abrasion-resistant to corrosive elements.

Low thermal conductivity

Ashirvad Agri pipes and fittings have a much lower thermal conductivity factor than metal pipes. This ensures that fluids maintain a constant temperature. Ashirvad Agri pipes and fittings are UV resistant and defy ultra-violet degradation over the long-term.

Solvent Cement

The jointing of Ashirvad Agri pipes is simple and a single-step process that uses solvent cement that creates and sustains a 100% leakproof joint.

Fire Resistant

Ashirvad Agri pipes do not burn unless an external flame source is present and will not sustain ignition once the flame source is removed. It has a high ignition temperature, low toxicity, low heat of combustion, and 25/50 flame smoke development rating, which adds to its outstanding fire safety profile.

Products under this solution

Ashirvad offers a range of accessories to enhance and optimise the use of your products. Learn more about our accessories by downloading our brochure.


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