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No bead inside the pipe

In the case of butt-fusion, both the pipe surfaces are heated by using a heating plate because of which a bead is generated on the outer and inner surfaces of the joint. This may cause a reduction in flow-rates and may also lead to joints that are susceptible to cracks and breakages. Electrofusion is a fully automated process where the jointing happens on account of the electricity that is passed from the internal surface of the fitting; hence there is no bead generated in the pipes.


Low investment in fusion boxes

A single fusion box is compatible with all diameters of the pipes, unlike butt-fusion joints which require varying equipment of different pipe diameters. This reduces the investment both in terms of money and effort dedicated to the jointing process.


Efficient heat-joints

Electrofusion joints are lower priced and the weight of equipment is lower, making mobility easier. The electrofusion joint is heated internally, either by a conductor at the interface of the joint or by a conductive polymer. Heat is created as an electric current is applied to the conductive material in the fitting.


Compact fusion units

The electrofusion process can be carried out even for installations where access is difficult, such as trenches or around pipes. Ashirvad Electrofusion joints can be managed in constricted spaces without requiring highly skilled labor to execute the jointing process.

Why Ashirvad Electrofusion?

Low climatic influence

The Butt-fusion jointing process is a manual process, i.e., if the overall weather conditions are too hot or too cold, the resulting jointing process may turn out to be sub-standard. Since electrofusion joints are fused used an automated process, there is little to no climatic influence and interference in the pipe jointing.

High process safety

Electrofusion machines are light-weight and easy to carry to the site of pipe-jointing. Conversely, butt-fusion jointing requires multiple moving parts, i.e., heating plates, alignment machines that are to be co-ordinated at high precision. This complicated process reduces the process efficiency of the jointing method.

Later integrations and repairs are possible

The fusion boxes used for electrofusion jointing are compatible with geo-tags. This feature allows for easy supervision of data and future repairs and integration of material parts, through sophisticated data transfers.

Universal deployable couplers and saddle fittings

Ashirvad Electrofusion joints are complemented by a wide range of fittings that can be deployed to suit any site condition or custom requirement. This versatility of use reduces costs and improves the efficiency of the jointing process.

Products under this solution

Ashirvad offers a range of accessories to enhance and optimise the use of your products. Learn more about our accessories by downloading our brochure.



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