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Design and Specifications/ USP


Leak Proof Joints

Ashirvad SWR systems symbolize unparalleled strength and performance with a high degree of dimensional accuracy that ensures optimum quality. 100% leak-proof joints guaranteed.


End to End SWR Solutions

Ashirvad SWR offers a complete range of end-to-end solutions in solvent-fit and push-fit soil, waste, and rainwater drainage that can be applied across commercial, industrial, housing, and public sector developments.


Corrosion And Abrasion Resistant

Ashirvad SWR pipes possess excellent corrosion resistance. Maintenance-free Ashirvad SWR pipes and fittings have high operating life and optimum surface shine that does not rust, corrode or promote build-up deposits in the system interior.



The Ashirvad SWR system is light-weight which makes it easy to install and reduces transportation, handling, and installation costs. Ashirvad pipes and fittings are economically viable SWR solutions since they require lower capital allocation as compared to other drainage systems.


Resilient to Thermal Expansion and Contraction

Ashirvad UPVC has a coefficient of expansion of approximately 0.06mm/m/°C while a 2m length of soil or waste pipe expands by 2.4 mm for a 20°C rise in temperature. The Yellow Seal™ technology accommodates thermal expansion/contraction in the design and installation of all SWR systems and components.

Why Ashirvad SWR?

Ashirvad SWR Pipe

Tough, Reliable, Leak-proof Joints

The Yellow Seal technology is an advanced co-moulding technology at par with international standards introduced for the first time in India. The Yellow Seal is a plastic reinforced rubber ring that sits in the groove of the socket and is permanently positioned ensuring a 100% leakproof joint, unlike conventional rubber rings, which have a tendency to come out during fitment.

No Solvent Cement

Ashirvad SWR Pushfit pipes are joined by simply pushing the spigot end into the socket end without any threading or solvent cementing. Since the joint is not fixed by solvent cement, it can be reopened after installation to realign or replace the pipe/fitting.

Manufacturing Excellence

Ashirvad SWR pipes and fittings are manufactured in collapsible core moulds to ensure correct thickness, straightness, and a razor-sharp finish of the grooves that ensure the highest degree of dimensional accuracy and product strength.

Uniform Thickness

We use the right ratio of compounds and high-quality materials to ensure uniform thickness throughout the length of the pipe. Ashirvad SWR pipes and fittings are highly resilient, tough, and durable with high tensile and impact strength.

Products under this solution

Ashirvad offers a range of accessories to enhance and optimise the use of your products. Learn more about our accessories by downloading our brochure.

Pushfit Pipes
Solfit Pipes
Pushfit Fittings
Pushfit Lubricant
Solfit Fittings
Solfit Solvent
Common Fittings for Pushfit and Solfit


As per IS standard below are the differences

a) Application:
Type A – Venting and rainwater discharge
Type B – Soil and Waste discharge
b) Thickness:
Type B pipes has higher wall thickness compare to Type A so Type -B pipes are thicker than
Type A
c) Print color on pipes:
Type A – Blue
Type B – White

a) First time in India to develop rubber ring with advanced co- moulding technology
b) Rubber ring holds the Yellow seal always in the groove ensuring a 100% leak proof joint.
c) It also provides adequate scope for thermal expansion / contraction an enables the joint to
withstand pressure flow rates.
d) Since there is no requirement of solvent adhesives, the joint can be re-opened to adjust and
re- align
e) Quick, easy and convenient to installation

Parameters Pushfit Solfit
Range Dia Starts – 75mm – 200mm-
for smaller Dia have to use Solfit
Dia Starts – 40mm – 315mm
Uses Recommended in Ceiling Suspend Toilets and in shaft Recommended to use in sunken
Installation Easy of installation Solvent need to apply properly
Joints Joints can be open for alignment and repair Permanent joints
Skilled Labour Pushfit fitment easily fixable by semi skilled plumber More Skilled labour required
because Solvent need to apply

We always encourage the use of lubricant while inserting pipe/fitting. This makes the fitment very
easy and the pipe/fitting simply slides inside the socket without much effort.
The purpose of the lubricant is simply easy installation and is NOT a glue.

No. It will not joint the pipes and fittings of Solfit product range.

It is not recommended to use the solvent cement to join the pushfit pipes and fittings as the
tolerances in pushfit joints will not be sealed by the solvent cement and the solvent cement may
have adverse effect on the Yellow seal rubber hence use of solvent cement is not allowed in the
pushfit pipes and fitting installation.

Yes. Our SWR pipes and fittings are lead free

We have 7 “height Multi Floor Traps and Deep-water seal P-traps traps have 50mm water seal.

Below are the unique features of Swept Tee over normal Tee
a) The design of the Swept Tee allows for a seamless inflow of water from the horizontal to the
vertical pipe without creating Impact noise on the wall of the vertical pipe.
b) Enables a smooth transition flow from the horizontal to vertical pipes.
c) Allows more air circulation in the system.
d) Helps to reduce the water curtain formation in the vertical pipes

Ashirvad has the pipes in different Length 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 6ft, 9ft, 10ft, 12ft, 20ft with single Socket & Double
Sockets. Please check the Ashirvad latest pricelist for the available pipes in different lengths.

SWR – Soil, Waste & Rainwater even known as DWV – Drain, Waste & Vent

IS Standards applicable for Ashirvad SWR systems are:
13592:2013 – Pipes & 14735:1999 – Fittings

There are two types of jointing methods for SWR products
1. Pushfit
2. Solfit
Product Range for SWR systems:
Solfit – Ashirvad range 40mm – 315mm
Pushfit – Ashirvad range 75mm – 200mm
Please check the Ashirvad latest pricelist for the latest development.

We don’t recommend manually made sockets and heating the pipes mouth end and converting as
sockets that may lead for leakage and joints will not be hold good.
Use only company supplied sockets/coupler for installation. Ashirvad has the complete range
sockets/coupler starts from 40mm to 315mm.

Kindly refer Ashirvad Technical manuals or contact your nearest dealer/distributor or our sales
representatives for the installation and testing guidelines

Ashirvad Warranty applicable only if the pipes, fittings, solvent cement or lubricant is from Ashirvad

Ashirvad pipes and fittings are UV resistance. If you want water-based paint can be used to paint pipes
and fittings.

Ashirvad has Single Stack-aerator and Active drainage ventilation system for high rise and complex
structure buildings. Please reach out to our customer care for further info.

Years of experience mean that we can support you throughout your design process and assist with any
technical and installation requirements.

You can buy the Ashirvad products from our authorized dealer or distributor.
Please reach out to our customer to know your nearest dealer or distributor outlet.

How to Install Ashirvad SWR Plumbing system in your bathroom?

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