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Why Ashirvad Water Tank

Anti-Bacterial Water Tank
UV stable
Durable Water Tank Solution

Best Quality Water Tank with Nano Silver Technology

Cutting-edge Nano Silver technology provides anti-bacterial protection to the inner layer of the tank.

Over time, the recurring growth of bacteria on the surface of the tank makes stored water unsafe for drinking. To keep the inner surface clean and clear of any bacterial infestations, we’ve introduced Silver-Nano technology that passes the international test standard of JIS Z 2801 for anti-bacteria.

Extra Strong Overhead Water Storage Tanks

Triple layer polymer construction adds strength to the tank-body while restricting entry of harmful UV rays.

Ashirvad tanks have high ESCR (Environmental Stress Crack Resistance) which is one of the most common cause of stress failure in water tanks which is further aggravated by environmental interaction. The insulated middle layer uses proprietary material to impart additional strength while restricting entry of harmful UV rays. This quality ensures a longer life for your storage tank which is further backed by Ashirvad’s warranty assurance.

Anti Backerial Pani ki Tanki

The Ashirvad Pure with Anti-Bacterial layer has been designed keeping in mind to provide hygienic storage solution for your family. This tank is free from hazardous heavy metal such as Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, etc; certified by RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) which keeps water safe for human consumption.

The use of food grade plastic ensures that the water does not get contaminated when in contact with the tank.

Our use of 100 percent virgin grade LLDPE tanks promises high performance and strength.

Personalize your water tank.

Choose from these exciting color options enlisted below and give your terrace the perfect rooftop water tank.

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