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We innovate to create value:

Water is Life. The dependency of humans on the water is eternal. In this fast-moving world, potable water is getting depleted every day. So effective utilization of water and storing it safely is crucial. Today, we store water mostly in the plastic water tanks, which is available in the market. Some of these tanks are made using recycled plastic, which makes it less durable and not safe for health. To solve these problems Ashirvad brings to you “ASHIRVAD PURE” water storage tank.

ASHIRVAD PURE comes with Nano Silver technology, which gives anti-bacterial property to inner layer of tank. It inhibits the growth of bacteria on surface of the tank and hence makes the water safe. ASHIRVAD PURE tank passes the international test standard of *JIS Z 2801 for anti-bacteria. Our tanks have been designed using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software to impart superior mechanical properties of impact resistance and tensile strength. Extra ribs have been incorporated to add strength to the tank, which reduces bulging of tank when the tank is full and reduces any chance of bursting under pressure. Our tanks are manufactured using Roto mold technology in the state-of-art manufacturing facility and undergoes stringent quality checks.

Ashirvad PURE – Extra Pure Extra Strong!

Why Ashirvad storage tank:

We are passionate about creating sustainable innovative solutions for water and energy. We provide our customers with best in class product. Our products are built to last.

Our water storage tanks comes with -

  • Anti-bacterial layer with nano silver technology
  • Food Grade
  • No heavy metals used
  • Threaded lid with dual layer
  • UV Stable
  • Guaranteed actual storage volume as per capacity
  • Extra ribs makes the tank strong & durable
  • Ensures peace of mind



  • Uneven wall thickness creates weak spots in the tank.
  • Blow tanks are made of high-density material which is less flexible & prone to crack formation and breakage when exposed to harsh environmental condition for a longer time.
  • Parting line present across the water storage area which results in weak spots and formation of stress cracks.

Product Performance

Product Performance



  • Even wall thickness makes tank durable.
  • Roto tank are made with LLDPE which is more flexible and makes tank long lasting.
  • Molded as single piece and parting line is not present across water storage area which makes tank durable and long lasting.

The science behind Ashirvad

The triple layer polymer construction of Ashirvad tanks has high ESCR (Environmental Stress Crack Resistance) - common cause of stress failure due to environmental interaction.

Our 10 assurances

state of the art
manufacturing facility

Advanced machinery for
superior quality

Advanced material
handling system

100% incoming raw
material quality inspection

High dimensional accuracy
to maintain quality of each
piece to ensure a defect free system

Stringent quality checks
at every level of production

100% finished goods
quality inspection

Multiple quality checks for every Aqualife brass fitting that leaves the Ashirvad factory.

Every batch of products
lab tested

Regular external lab testing of products in India.

Ashirvad 3-layer