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Design and Specifications/ USP


Anti-Rodent and Infestation-free

Rat-bites are a major concern in the underground drainage system. Ashirvad Manholes are powered with anti-rodent chemicals which prevent rat bites, which in turn prevents product damages and transmission of noxious gases by maintenance personnel. Ashirvad Manholes prevent exposure of drainage water to underground groundwater, thereby upholding the potability of drinking water.



The underground drainage system witnesses the concurrent impact of many divergent forces such as soil exertion pressure, weather changes (such as floods), and traffic-load from the surface. To counter these forces, Ashirvad manholes have an in-built double-layered structure aptly designed for long-term resilience and durability to perform under varying high-impact/ load conditions.


Specially-designed FRP steps

Ashirvad Manholes are made from fibre-reinforced plastic, which is a high-impact absorbent material that makes our products lighter without compromising on the strength of the product. This lightweight quality facilitates easier transportation and installation of the manholes on all product sites.


Innovatively designed ribs

Another structural intervention on our products is the innovatively designed ribs which are provided on the outer surface of the manhole to act as a uplift-prevention system which may be caused due to buoyancy. Suited for high vehicular traffic conditions, these in-built ribs prevent fracture and spalling of individual sections from prolonged use.

Why Ashirvad Manholes and Inspection Chambers?

Ashirvad inspection chamber for underground utilities

Easy to handle/ install

Ashirvad Manholes are made from durable,impact-resistant fibre-reinforced plastic chambers that are light-weight and hence, easy to install at construction sites. Ashirvad’s unique Manhole installation system makes for a seamless jointing process that ensures a water-tight manhole in record time with minimum site work.

Short Installation time

Typical manhole and inspection chamber installations involve tedious hours of excavation and formation. Conversely, installation of manholes and inspection chambers and subsequent operational kick-off consumes 70% lesser time than RCC concrete manholes.

Reduced Labour Costs

Most concrete manholes and inspection chambers require dedicated resources for transportation and installation which contributes to higher costs. Manholes and inspection chambers can be installed by only two people as compared to RCC concrete manholes which require 4-5 people, leading to better more efficient public drainage systems.

Prevents Seepage

In the case of conventionalyl made of RCC manholes and inspection chambers made of concrete, there are multiple problems associated with seepage. Since our manholes and inspection chamber of are made of high-density polyethylene and poly-propylene respectively, our products are completely free from seepage which in-turn prevents groundwater contamination and harm to human life.

Products under this solution

Ashirvad offers a range of accessories to enhance and optimise the use of your products. Learn more about our accessories by downloading our brochure.


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