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Design and Specifications/ USP


Heat Resistant upto 93° Celsius

Ashirvad FLOWGUARD™ PLUS can withstand max 28.1 bar pressure at 23°C & max 8.79 bar at 82°C. Our materials are resistant to heat and toxicity at higher heat levels.


Design Registered And Easy To Install

Ashirvad has revolutionized the unique Self Alignment system which makes CPVC pipes and fittings easy to install and maintain. Our products are lightweight and agile which makes them easy to transport.


Tough, Reliable & UV Resistant

Our CPVC, licensed by Lubrizol is highly resilient, tough, and durable with high tensile strength and high impact strength. The pipes are UV stabilized and designed to last over 50 years of rigorous use.


Tested In Europe & USA

Ashirvad CPVC FLOWGUARD PLUS™ pipes and fittings are manufactured using NSF certified TempRite¬ 88619/88096 TAN 309/311 CPVC material from Lubrizol USA, inventors of CPVC technology. Ashirvad finished products are regularly lab tested in Europe & the USA. They have been tested, approved, and used in India in the highest number of projects for over 10 years.

Why Ashirvad CPVC?

Ashirvad CPVC Pipes

Heat Resistant Up To 93°C Flowing Hot Water

Ashirvad Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) is a thermoplastic ideal for use in plumbing, sanitary, and potable hot and cold water applications. It’s heat-defying, anti-corrosion qualities make it suitable for all weather conditions across applications for residential and commercial plumbing systems across the world for more than 50 years.

Low Bacterial Growth

The days of Galvanised Iron pipes are behind us! Ashirvad Flowguard Plus CPVC pipes are proven superior in minimizing bacterial growth as compared to steel, copper, polypropylene, and other thermoplastic piping systems.

Anti-Corrosion, Leakage, Scaling, and Pitting

Ashirvad FLOWGUARD™ PLUS CPVC has excellent corrosion resistance that prevents contamination, bad taste, bad odour, and discoloration ensuring the purest form of water to the very last drop. Our CPVC systems are unaffected by the low pH of water, coastal air, or corrosive soils.


Ashirvad FLOWGUARD™ PLUS CPVC will not burn unless an external flame source is present and will not sustain ignition once the flame source is removed. It has a high ignition temperature, low toxicity, low heat of combustion, and 25/50 flame smoke development rating, which adds to its outstanding fire safety profile.

Products under this solution

Ashirvad offers a range of accessories to enhance and optimise the use of your products. Learn more about our accessories by downloading our brochure.

Ashirvad UPVC Plumbing Fittings
SCH 40 Fittings
SCH 80 Fittings


At Ashirvad, we have innovated extensively to enable optimum alignment of fittings with pipes during installation. Under our unique Self Alignment System, elbows and fittings in the 1/2”, 3/4”, and 1” size range feature an alignment mould mark that is to be matched with the red stripe on the pipe during the solvent cement push fitment process. This simple color-coded process ensures that the water outlet fittings are perpendicular to the wall surface in the concealed installations and hence, avoid any repair, breakage, within the plumbing system after the wall finishing has been completed. This Self Alignment System serves as a very useful and convenient reference to the plumber during installation in unplastered walls while also saving on extra time and cost in repairing future non-aligned joints. We’re proud to say that our Self-Alignment system is an industry-first innovation by Ashirvad pipes which is not just design registered to our name but is also recognized around the world.

At Ashirvad, we use a unique UV protected CPVC compound supplied by Lubrizol to manufacture pipes and fitting. After being in use for over 50 years, the FLOWGUARD™ PLUS CPVC pipes have displayed no deterioration in pressure withstanding capacity after decades of exposure to sunlight even after several years of installation. However, for extra protection for pipes that are directly under harsh sunlight, we recommend covering all pipes and fittings installed on the roof to prevent any kind of mechanical damage to the system.

We have devised a unique system for repairing CPVC pipe without cutting out the damaged portion for repair. Here’s how you can repair punctured and damaged pipe caused by drilling/chiseling :

–  Start by removing the cement plaster and using the pipe repair piece supplied by the company.

–  Thoroughly clean the damaged area of the pipe and make it dry.

–  Apply solvent cement on the surface of the pipe at the damaged portion around the entire circumference.

– Apply solvent cement on the inner surface of the pipe and weld it together on the damaged area.

–  Tie a small piece of string/binding wire around the repair piece and pipe till the solvent sets in and solidifies.

–  Conduct a pressure test before replastering.

The thermal conductivity of FLOWGUARD™ PLUS CPVC pipes and fittings is 0.14 W/MK whereas that of copper is 400 W/MK. Since CPVC is a bad conductor of heat, light insulation is recommended only for installations where there is a continuous flow of hot water e.g. solar/centralized heaters. For bathrooms with independent heaters within 3 meters, insulation may not be necessary. Please ensure that the insulation material or glue used to hold the insulation material is free of any phthalate plasticizer which is not compatible with CPVC and may cause failure within the plumbing system in the long run.

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