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Design and Specifications/ USP


Sound Insulating Properties

Ashirvad Low Noise SWR products are used in specific construction projects that desire supplementary sound protection or insulation such as office spaces, school and colleges, and sleeping areas in residences, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, etc.


Best performing SWR System

Ashirvad low noise pipes are made from an innovative three-layer uPVC structure, which is one of the finest technologies in the plumbing world. The outer and inner layers are made of uPVC while the middle layer comprises mineralized uPVC which has better sound-absorbing characteristics as well as high impact resistance, rigidity, and UV resistance.


Silent Plus SWR System

Noise insulation of Silent Plus SWR system is <10dB at a steady 2 lps flow rate. Designed to meet the strictest of demands for strength and other mechanical properties, this thick-walled, high-density low Noise SWR drainage system is additionally featured with sound-reducing aspects.


Abrasion Resistant, Smooth Inner Layer

The inner layer of the Low Noise SWR pipe eliminates clogging while the smooth and bright surfaces of Low Noise SWR help to avoid sedimentations and lime deposition. The raw materials used for manufacturing the products are fully analyzed and procured with utmost care to deliver high-quality

Why Ashirvad Low Noise SWR?

Ashirvad CPVC Pipes

Triple Layer Technology

Ashirvad Low Noise pipes comprise of a three-layer uPVC structure-based sound attenuating system made available in 40 mm to 200 mm Solfit pipes and Pushfit pipes and fittings. The noise-cancelling qualities of the uPVC outer and inner layers complemented by the mineralized uPVC middle layer minimizes the noise arising from discharge pipes. The outer and inner layers are highly resilient to impact and UV resistent and the inner layer is abrasion-resistant and extremely smooth to allow high flow rates.

Technical Collaboration From GIRPI*

Ashirvad pipe brackets are manufactured & patented under license from GIRPI (Aliaxis group). These robust pipe clamps absorb the vibrations from the pipe and reduce structural noise. Available in sizes ranging from 40, 50, 63, 75, 90, 110, 160, and 200 mm, these exceptionally designed brackets allow for comfortable pipe movement during expansion and contraction without risking damage by abrasion.

Blue Seal™

The Ashirvad Low Noise SWR system is pre-fitted with a rubber (Blue Seal™) in the groove that ensures a leak-proof joint. The advanced Blue Seal™ enables the joints to not only withstand high pressure and provide leak-proof joints but also allows the thermal expansion and contraction of plastic. The installation of the system is seamless- you can simply push the spigot end into the socket end to finish the process.

Range Of Pipes And Fittings

Ashirvad offers the complete product range in PUSHFIT – with Blue Seal™ technology and SOLFIT – using solvent cement to cater to every unique installation. The Ashirvad Low Noise SWR systems are compatible with existing SWR lines and can be used for retrofit or as a replacement to IS 13592 and IS 14735.

Products under this solution

Ashirvad offers a range of accessories to enhance and optimise the use of your products. Learn more about our accessories by downloading our brochure.

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Solfit Pipes
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Solfit Fittings

How to install Ashirvad Flowgruad Low noise SWR in your Bathroom

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