• We shared numbers of the local team with our community of plumbers to reach out for, in times of need.
  • We shared a Toll-Free Missed Call number to call on during an emergency.
  • We conducted routine automated calls to the plumbers to check on them.
  • We shared an automated call number with the plumbers for them to call on when the need arose.
  • To mitigate their personal hardships, the Central Team personally got in touch with any plumber genuinely asking for help.
  • We dispersed financial aid to those in need after a detailed vetting and verification process conducted by the Regional HO.
  • All financial assistance was granted through the Give Foundation.


Our central team called upon all distressed plumbers and offered the necessary assistance on a need-to-need basis.

  • Reached out to over 6 lakh plumbers and mechanics via text and Whatsapp.
  • Medical Telecommunication was provided to 20,000 dealers and plumbers.
  • Supported over 32,000 individuals financially in the course of 9 months.