Single Lever Concealed Diverter – Shower Only

The single lever concealed diverter for shower only is mainly used to divert the flow of water towards the head Shower. This ¾” inch diverter has a CPVC Body which is fitted with a cartridge of 40 mm for optimized use.


  • The Single Lever Concealed Diverter operates at a higher efficiency as compared to regular diverters. It can operate at a minimum of 0.2 bar pressure.
  •  The plain socketed end leads to higher savings, i.e., the installation cost of MABTs can be avoided.
  • - Saves installation time compared to similar brass fitting installations.
  • - Eliminates incidents of rusting and corrosion.
  • - Easy to install with plain sockets.
  • - Gym shower area
  • - Swimming pool shower area

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