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Design and Specifications/ USP


Ease of Installation

We offer unparalleled installation options for underground and surface drainage systems, with the best quality finish, accuracy, and stability. Underground pipes and fittings come in a wide range of diameters with different stiffness classes.


Technical Collaboration with REDI

We collaborate with REDI(Italy), leaders in the management of wastewater systems and ventilation in Europe since 1960 to produce a vast range of products. From non-return valves to mechanical saddles and swivels, we import cutting edge surface drainage equipment from REDI.


Fully analyzed Raw materials

We use raw materials that are extensively analyzed and procured with great care to ensure the delivery of a high-quality product to our customers. The uPVC material that we use is a versatile plastic that has been in use for decades in plumbing and drainage systems across the world. The ease of processing, smooth interiors as well as rigid pipes and fittings accounts for its extensive usage in this industry.


Manufacturing Excellence

We maintain and surpass industry-wide manufacturing standards using state of art technology and conscious quality control. All fittings are manufactured in collapsible core molds to ensure a final product of the highest degree of dimensional accuracy and product strength.



Pipes are extruded on state-of-the-art machinery and are socketed on on-line belling machines to ensure a straight and sharp finish of the grooves for higher accuracy and strength of the product.

Why Ashirvad Underground Drainage Pipes?

Ashirvad underground drainage pipes for for residential and commercial use

Underground Foam Core

The underground pipes are lightweight, have a high impact strength, and work on the revolutionary foam core pipe technology, wherein the outer layers of conventional PVC are designed to take the external load while the middle layer is made of foamed PVC. This structure imparts rigidity, maintains a light-weight composition while also maintaining the shape of the pipes.

Ring Fit Technology

This uses bi-molded rubber rings that do not slip during installations. No threading or solvent cementing is done. The use of Brown Seal ensures leak-proof joints and the ability to withstand high-pressure flow.

Leak Proof Joints

Leakproof joints have a high degree of dimensional accuracy and product strength thus ensuring a maintenance-free and long-lasting solution to the customer.

Wide Temperature range

Ashirvad’s underground drain system is self-extinguishing and does not support combustion. uPVC has a coefficient of expansion of 0.06mm/m/ 1®C- a metric we keep in mind while designing supporting components and systems during installation.

Products under this solution

Ashirvad offers a range of accessories to enhance and optimise the use of your products. Learn more about our accessories by downloading our brochure.

Ashirvad underground drainage pipes for for residential and commercial use
Pushfit Pipes
Ashirvad underground drainage fittings for long-lasting use
Pushfit Fittings
Pushfit Lubricant
Ashirvad underground drainage fittings for long-lasting use
Solfit Fittings
Solfit Adhesives

How to Install Ashirvad SWR Plumbing system in your bathroom?

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