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Design and Specifications/ USP


Injection-molded Grease Interceptor

Blockages can cause disruption and closure of kitchen facilities, resulting in loss of revenue and fines being levied by local authorities. Our differentiated injection-molded Grease interceptors provide rigidity and durability while reducing unit weight.


Advanced thermoplastic materials

Our Grease interceptors employ rotationally molded thermoplastic materials that require less energy to produce than metal grease interceptors. These advanced materials safeguard the interceptor from corrosion, chipping, or peeling even under the most severe working conditions.


Extended 10 Year warranty

Manufactured using up to 100% recompounded material, Ashirvad Grease and Solid interceptors have a 10-year warranty for high performance under the constant heavy flow of Fats, Oils, and Grease inflow in the plumbing system. It is 60% less in weight than directly equivalent competitors in metal, thus offering ease of installation, transportation, and storage.


CSA, PDI, and ASME certification

Ashirvad Grease and Solid Interceptors are benchmarked against the highest quality and performance standard observed by the industry worldwide. Our systems facilitate the flexibility of in-floor, on-floor, and semi-recessed applications as well as retro-fit applications.

Why Ashirvad Grease and Solid Interceptor?

Ashirvad grease interceptor for commercial kitchen operators.


The Ashirvad Grease and Solid Interceptor is manufactured as a single piece injection molded tank created from virtually inert polypropylene (PP) material that enables continuous operation at up to 104 degrees celsius. The system design also features a foamed silicone seal that ensures air tightness throughout the mechanism whether it is installed on a semi or fully recessed into the floor. High-quality components guarantee consistent operation; there is no breakdown on effectiveness due to worn-out parts.

Ease of maintenance

Our patented design imparts easy access for cleaning and maintenance, while efficiently maintaining an air-tight seal to lock in odour and leakage. The intricate structure of our grease interceptor includes EZ-Open cover latches and removable baffles with smooth internal surfaces that prevent blockages and particle accumulation.

Retro-fit applications

These systems can be retrofitted to all types of pipe material. Ashirvad has an impressive range of solutions that can be accommodated with kitchen drain wastewater for new and old buildings alike.

Products under this solution

Ashirvad offers a range of accessories to enhance and optimise the use of your products. Learn more about our accessories by downloading our brochure.

Ashirvad grease interceptor for commercial kitchen operators.


The Ashirvad Grease and Solid Interceptor can be cleaned manually with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

Please contact your nearest Ashirvad Sales exexutive or call to Ashirvad customer care

Ashirvad has 4 types of grease interceptors with different flow rate 0.94 l/s, 1.6 l/s, 3.2 l/s and 1.60 l/s low height

Please refer the installation guide provided with the product or Contact Ashirvad call centre

It depends on the quality of inflow kitchen waste water to the grease interceptor if it is does not have much food solid particles then you may need to clean every 15 days.

How to Install Ashirvad Flowguard Plus CPVC in your bathroom?

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