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Design and Specifications/ USP



Expertly engineered by Ashirvad Pipes, this unique WIRELOCKTM system enables seamless integration of the coupler with the pipe through a unique locking mechanism of a special stainless steel wire. This eliminates the incidence of the coupler-loosening and/or the column slipping during the installation and dismantling process.


Thick and Thin Structure

The Ashirvad uPVC Column pipes feature a unique thick and thin construction mechanism. This innovative technique for making pipes thicker in the threading end to compensate for material removal imparts greater surface strength while reducing raw material consumption and saving costs.


Leak-proof Joints

The Ashirvad uPVC Column Pipes possess special rubber seals with the thread to ensure 100% leakproof at high pump pressure. The multi-seal ring, the sealant, as well as the tested gripping system provide leak-proof joint-fitting by absorbing the vibrations of the pump. This results in extended life of motor and pump bearings.


Special Formulation

Ashirvad pipes are made with a unique formulation that renders the pipes capable of handling both internal hydrostatic pressure as well as the vertical tensile load on the column water and pump weight. The special formulation ensures that the threads do not get brittle and break or chip even after loosening and tightening several times during its lifespan.

Why Ashirvad uPVC?

Ashirvad column pipes for deep well submersible pumps

Pioneer of uPVC Column Pipes

Available in sizes starting from 25 mm to 150 mm diameter, Ashirvad Column pipes are made of uPVC and are non-corrosive, credited with a successful installation track record of over 20 years across the globe. Ashirvad has produced over 1,30,000 km of uPVC Column Pipes since 1995.

BIAXTM Technology

At Ashirvad, we’ve developed the revolutionary BIAXTM technology that imparts superior strength in the uPVC molecular chain, through linear and diametrical orientation during the extrusion process of extrusion. This unique Bi-axial orientation improves the impact strength and increases resilience.

Ease of Installation

In deeper bore wells the column of the pipe becomes very heavy and is prone to accidents during handling. Ashirvad uPVC column pipes are available in 3 meters standard length that is lightweight for easy handling both during pump fitment and dismantling.

Square Type Threads

The joints of pipes have been specially designed with square threads to ensure proper gripping and reduce chances of slipping. These threads are high friction threads on load, which do not open even on constant forward and reverse torque generated by starting and stopping the pump. They are made on special CNC machines with high accuracy tools to ensure perfect dimensions and easy fitment.

Products under this solution

Ashirvad offers a range of accessories to enhance and optimise the use of your products. Learn more about our accessories by downloading our brochure.

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