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28th Oct 2020




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Project Description

Project Description

Embassy TechVillage is strategically located in the heart of Bangalore’s IT corridor and well connected with the IT hubs of Whitefield and Electronic City as well as all parts of the city including easy access to the city’s central business district (CBD). The 106-acre development is planned as an integrated project with commercial, retail, and residential components. The project has a total potential built-up-office area in excess of 10 million sq. ft.

Currently, 6.1 million sq. ft. of the area has already been developed and features a sports facility, medical center, and gym. Embassy TechVillage also provides amenities such as dining, recreation, safety, emergency, and other supporting facilities. The remaining area of 1.6 million sq. ft. is under development, and 5.2 million sq. ft. is dedicated for future development.

The top 7 clients include CISCO, SONY, Flipkart, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Software AG & CSG

Consultant Team

Consultant Team

RSP (India) was assigned with the responsibility of designing Flipkart’s flagship campus inside the Embassy TechVillage. The scope of services included Master Planning, Building Design, C/S Engineering, M&E Engineering, and Interior Design. RSP (India) is a premier design consultancy and an associate of RSP Singapore, one of the largest and most reputed global multidisciplinary design group with over 60 years of experience in creating a transformative built environment.

Project Requirement

Project Requirement

The Flipkart campus has a common basement for its 3 towers with all the drainage header lines running in the basement floor ceiling and are interconnected before joining to the STP. The maintenance team was finding multiple issues:

1. Negative pressure transients at the lower floor toilets

2. Impact on the STP air ventilation due to lack of proper air ventilation of drainage pipes and longer horizontal pipe length in the basement.

Being a prestigious commercial project where the brief was providing ‘a retail-like experience and not the typical commercial office’, the design team was not able to take the drainage stacks above the parapet wall as it could have spoiled the elevation of the project. Hence, they terminated the stacks below the parapet wall level resulting in the foul smell from stacks emitting in the terrace.

Moreover, at the same level on the terrace, the building had its Air Handling Unit (AHU) Fan system to supply fresh air to all the rooms inside the building. This led the AHU Fans to spread the foul smell which was coming from stacks.

Ashirvad provides a drainage solution to Embassy Group

Ashirvad Solutions

Ashirvad’s category team and the Aliaxis High-rise team worked closely with the consultant’s team to find a sustainable solution to the problems faced by the occupants. The proposed solution included the installation of a Maxi -Vent along with an Aluminum cover for each stack to deal with the negative pressure transient that was generating below floors and also to aid the proper ventilation of STP.

Since the Maxi vent is a one-way valve that opens to nullify any negative pressure transients generated in the system, there was no chance of any foul smells getting out from the stacks. Hence, Ashirvad was able to successfully provide a working solution to remove the foul smell from the AHU rooms.

The following products were used for the solution
Maxi – Vent with global connector
Aluminum cover for Maxi-Vent

Other Project Participants

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