Ashirvad Cares Initiatives

During the deeply traumatic COVID year of 2020, we introduced a bouquet of innovative measures that were designed to offer a secure and friendly environment to our employees, to enable them to find their work-life balance; be it 'work from home' or office, the safety and comfort of each employee was our driving sentiment. A case in point is a simple courtesy such as discouraging employees to send out emails over weekends, because, being a caring organization, we have tremendous respect for people's free time.

'Wellbeing on Web' (WOW)

We created an outstanding initiative called 'Wellbeing on Web' (WoW), a one-stop digital solution for all employees, wherein a digital platform enabled them to have free access to medical help, of any kind whatsoever, be it a doctor, dietician or physio-therapist.

Our 'Nurturing Lives Policy' ensured that all medical expenses were borne by the organization.

During the lockdown, due to COVID-19, we drafted and successfully implemented 'Work from Home policies', thereby maintaining the continuity of our business operations.

To help employees solve personal and work-related problems, we introduced a 24/7 helpline portal with an access to well-qualified therapists for themselves and their families.

We organised sketching and quiz competitions for different age groups leading to greater family participation and bonding while enhancing a 'Family Connect'.

'A healthy workforce is a prerequisite for us to move forward. With this in mind, we organized a 'Wednesday Wellness Program' on ergonomics, safety and related topics.

We encouraged employees to video call their loved ones regularly, communicate with teammates, take 're-energizing Breaks' and also prioritize the tasks for the day.

Raja Yoga Meditation and Pranic Healing

For our diverse workforce, we extended holistic support by way of regular guided sessions of 'Raja Yoga' meditation and 'Pranic Healing' with an aim to alleviate stress and cleanse the body. These measures contributed immensely to enhanced concentration and clarity in thinking, while also creating a fine balance between mental, physical, and emotional well being, which in turn helped to inculcate a healthy work culture and lifestyle among our employees.

Ashirvad Care Team

Ashirvad Care Team (ACT), a robust initiative, resonates with our legacy that the organization puts its people first and constantly enhances an individual's emotional quotient. Using the open door communications approach, we launched ACT to help employees affected by COVID 19.

We, at Ashirvad, believe in a positive work culture with a focus on giving back to society.

We circulated detailed guidelines and SOPs to foster confidence among employees during the pandemic.

We also constituted a strong frontline action team to ensure mental preparedness to face this difficult situation and provide the best medical care to the infected person.

We provided the requisite support to all employees, in the form of a home collection of test samples, home care, or hospitalization in a seamless manner.

Financial support to COVID affected employees was also included, as was a COVID Leave Policy so that no employee suffered the loss of pay due to Quarantine norms.

Additionally, we identified “Happiness Champions” in all offices to share the guide with employees. These were provided special badges, indicating they were the Brand Ambassadors of this important initiative. We partnered with external service providers to support and follow up, in Homecare isolation for COVID affected employees or their family.

We distributed personal safety kits, like masks, gloves, and sanitizers to influencers in the industry.

Finally, we implemented a reliable and effective program of “Annual health Checkups”, which included a complete medical examination with laboratory investigations and elaborate tests like Pulmonary Functions test, Vision tests, and audiometry, if required.