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Ashirvad has been a benchmark for quality since 1975. The leader in the manufacture of PVC and CPVC piping systems, Ashirvad Pipes is ISO 9001:2008 certified and is a National Award winning company. Ashirvad with its state of the art 4.5 lakh square feet factory, has an annual manufacturing capacity of 70,000 MTons and manufactures a complete range of high technology and superior quality plastic piping systems for domestic and agricultural use. Ashirvad systems adhere to the highest level of international quality for a trouble free and maintenance free life.

Ashirvad SWR System

 (Pipes Mfg. as per IS-13592 and Fittings Mfg.as per IS-14735) Ashirvad Pushfit ('O' Ring type) and Solfit (Solvent Cement type) systems are available in 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm and 160mm. These systems are manufactured in state of the art machinery – high tech extrusion lines, online belling and socketing machines and in collapsible core moulds – these ensure the highest level of dimensional accuracy and stability providing a quality, leak proof, maintenance free and long lasting system to the end user.

Features and benefits of Ashirvad SWR systems

• 100% leak-proof joints 

•  High flow rates - No choking

•  High degree of dimensional accuracy 

•  UV stabilized 

•  Quick and convenient installation 

•  Cost Effective

Ashirvad Pushfit with Yellow Seal Technology

Ashirvad Pushfit ('O' Ring Type) is a system that is joined together by simply pushing the spigot into socket end. This requires no threading or solvent for joining. The spigot end is held firmly in the socket by the reinforced Yellow Seal provided in the groove. It ensures leak-proof joints that can withstand high pressure and prevent choking. This system is made in high tech, new generation machines that ensure correct thickness, dimensional stability part after part.

This advanced co-moulded ring -YellowSeal enables the joints to withstand high pressures as well as compensates for the thermal expansion and contraction of plastics.

Pushfit systems offer the following advantages

• Simply Push Fit - Easy installation leading to time-saving
• No Solvent  Cement required for making joints - Cost Effective
• High pressure bearing capacity - Joint pressure guaranteed at 5 kg/cm2
• Yellow seal technology allows thermal expansion & contraction
• High Flow rates - No choking
• Accurate and perfect dimensional control

  Ashirvad  Solfit
Ashirvad Solfit (Solvent Cement Type) pipes and fittings are joined together by solvent cement. This system is socketed on state-of- the- art online belling machines ensuring high degree of dimensional accuracy resulting in perfect joint each time.

The Yellow-Seal Advantage – First Time in India
Ashirvad introduces the Yellow Seal – for the first time in India. The yellow seal sits in the groove of the socket and is permanently positioned by the advanced co-moulded plastic unlike conventional rubber rings which have a tendency to come out during fitment. No solvent cement is required to make joints. These are manufactured at par with international standards and are strictly monitored for quality and consistency.

Joining instructions

1.            Measure and cut pipe to size - Ensure to cut pipe square
2.            Chamfer end of pipe to 10-15 degrees. Remove all burr  from pipe with a knife -edge or deburring tool
3.            Clean Pipe With Cloth
4.            Check the fitting for Yellow seal
5.            Apply lubricant  on chamfered end of pipe & on inner surface of pipe/ fitting to be joined.
6.            Push the pipe firmly into the socket - leave about 10mm gap for thermal expansion allowance



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